Dewey-Humboldt Town Library hours are changing September 1st!

The results of a community survey in 2020, showed clearly that Dewey-Humboldt residents wanted and would benefit from a change in library open hours.  The new schedule provides patrons more open hours, access to the library earlier in the morning, and later most evenings, and offers a consistent schedule that is easier to remember.  The new hours are Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, beginning September 1st.   


The Town appreciates the library and the service it provides our residents. We are excited about the hours being extended from 32 per week to 38, and hope that more residents will find the time to enjoy the library when the doors open again. Please stop by and meet our Library Coordinator, Leslie Golamb, when you pick up your items curbside. You can also go to the District website and Facebook page to see the activities that are available.

- Edward O. Dickie, III 

   Town Manager 


Some patrons may miss the Saturday hours, but the District and Town will revisit the possibility of adding Saturday hours at a later date if the need is there.  The Library District always strives to get the greatest benefit from taxpayer dollars and this shift is one more way to use staff time more effectively.  The Town contracts with the Library District to run the library.